Life Mode In Gacha Life

Life Mode: Gacha life a special feature that is provided by Lunime games. This option is displayed on the bottom side of the home screen as Life. Life mode is not available in Gacha Club. Once the player enters this mode, the player can talk with NPC as well as change location.

Life mode

First of all, you need to choose a character that you want to play within life mode. The character that is on the home screen will be in the mode. There is no way to change character after you enter this mode.

To move the character tap on the left arrow and right arrow. Along with that location is also change. When the player exists in this mode, the character will remain at the same location. To move around in the scene, click on the bright button.

So that character will change position. This spot act like a portal. The character can travel through this portal to a different location. At each location, there will be at least one NPC available to communicate with the character. 

On the top, there are many buttons that provide some information about characters like the status of friendship, Level, Stamina, and gems. At the top right corner, there is the location name is the display. Below the location button, there is a small button for travel. 

When you tap on the travel button, one pop-up will appear that contains the different names of locations. When you click on any of these locations, the character will teleport to that location. There are 11 locations as below:

Roof Park School Town City beach Station Snow Desert Bamboo Spooky


On the status button, it will display a list of characters that you have to interact with at all times. it is also called Friendship Status. Around 110 characters will be display over here. if you reached level 10 then you can teleport NPC with your character.


When you click on NPC, the conversion dialog box will open. There is 4 round shape that indicates the level of that character. When you tap on talk then your stamina will decrease by 2 points. NPC will ask you some questions too.

When it completes a whole series of questions then the level will increase that unlock many other options. As the level increase, the point of stamina consume by NPC will also increase. To close communication a tap on the X button of the window.

There are 4 options like Talk, Ask, Gift and Quiz. Each one has different characteristics. There are 3 stars below this four-round. The first one is Level 3 which can be visible when you reach friendship level 3 with NPC.

The second star is for the quiz. This quiz starts will unlock when you complete the quiz. The last one is level 10 which will unlock when you reach friendship level 10 with NPC. 

To change location swipe left and right on the screen. Use the exit button to exit from the Life Mode.   

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