Skit Maker In Gacha Life (Complete Tutorial)

Skit Maker In Gacha Life: The main and exciting feature of gacha life. You will find videos of the skit videos on many networks with stories and background music. Many YouTubers make skits and get millions of views on that video. Just check on youtube. This feature is also available in mobile and PC versions of gacha life. You can make a skit with your own character and own story. This option is available on the home page with a small button. You can make only one skit at a time.

When you enter the skit, you will see many buttons and other settings. There are around 16 soundtracks for background music to make a skit. There is a maximum of 100 scenes to make a story. You can place a maximum of 2 anime characters in one scene. There is one exception, you can not move and change the position of the character in the scene. There are pre-define 125 positions are available in the skit maker.

Skit Maker In Gacha Life

Selection of face expression and pose for the character is available in this game. There are 25 presets for face expression for skit makers. You can not change the clothes of the character once you enter in skit maker. You need to change clothes before you enter the skit maker. Somehow, you can make a different character again and change outfits for that character.

How To Make Skit

First, there are two slots for the character named left and right. Select character for both slots. There are 8 characters is available to make a skit. Once you select a character, you can type the message that you want. This custom message will display while you play skit. While type a message or text, you can select the shape of the message container, bubble color, text color and emote to make an attractive message.

After that, you can select the background. All the backgrounds are available that game release for players. Then select face expression from the selected character. There are 25 presets are available for face selection. After selecting a face you can change eyes, eyebrows, blush, mouth, wink, look and shine. To choose a pose, tap on the pose button on the screen. There are 264 poses are there for making a skit with the animated pose.

If you want to copy one scene then click on the Copy button. The whole scene with text, anime characters, and soundtrack will be copied. make minor modifications and make scenes new. If you want to test your skit then click on the Test Skit button at the bottom. After that to leave the skit tap left and for move further tap right. The main difference between start skit and test skit is the intro title. When you tap on start skit the title of the skit is displayed on the screen but it will not display in the test skit. Many YouTubers called gachatuber upload their own skit with interesting stories.

If you want to not display the character name while you play skit then there is an option for that. At the bottom of the screen, there is a button called names. If you tap that button then the name will be off and again tap name will be on in the skit.

After all, things are set then type the skit name at the top center of the screen and then Save the skit for later use or modification. You can also copy the whole skit by tapping the Copy button.

Soundtracks For Skit Maker In Gacha Life

There are 16 soundtracks that are listed below:

  • Title Music
  • Menu Music
  • Gacha Music
  • Town Music
  • School Music
  • City Music
  • Park Music
  • Beach Music
  • Snow Music
  • Desert Music
  • Bamboo Music
  • Halloween
  • 1chi Game
  • Narwhal Game
  • Pick Pawket
  • Phantom Game

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