Top Characters In Gacha Life (8 Characters)

Top Characters In Gacha Life: There are 8 main top characters in gacha life. Not all characters are popular among all players of gacha life. Some of them are loved by many players. Those characters are used in many places like skit maker. Some of the characters are underrated due to the community of players. Further, we will discuss each characters.


List of character

  • Luni
  • Kinen
  • Phantom
  • Mumble
  • Pat
  • Senpaibuns
  • Fierin
  • Bex


Top Characters In Gacha Life

Most loved character in this game. It is an NPC character that is appeared in the hometown. The main creator of Lunime. She is known as the creator of gachaverse.



Kinen will appear in Life mode. She will appear at a location called The Snowlands. She has white hair with a little bit of blue fade. Her eyes are blue so many players love her eyes. She wears blue boots with pink bows.



Phantom is a kind of dark character. he is located at Spookyville. He also appears in Phantom’s Remix mini-game. There he is in the background of the track. His clothing is a mix of black and purple color. His eye color is light purple. The most interesting thing is he has pale skin.



Mumble is a cute character in this game. Location of this character is Beach. She has pink long hair with pink and big eyes. She is so adorable. Most loved gacha character.



Most funky character in this game. Due to funcky cloth and look, mostly this character is used as DJ role-play. This character is located at Hometown A. He has dark blue hair. Pat does not wear shoes.



The most underrated character in this game. She is located at Life mode. Narwhal Sky is the game where you will get this character as main role.



The most colorful character in this game. he is located at Life Mode. He wears red hood and black t-shirt. His shoes is black with little bit white color.



The only character that wear goggles. She is located at life mode. The main character of Bex’s Festival mini game. She is the only character that you can control.

What are some Gacha characters?

Luni, kinen, Mumble, Pat, Senpaibuns, Fierin, Bex.

How many secret characters are in Gacha life?

There are 3 secret characters in gacha life.

Can you save Gacha life characters?

Yes. You can save gacha life characters in slots. There are 10 slots available in the profile section.

Who is Ramunade boyfriend?

Ramunade boyfriend name is Luni-san.

Who is Mo in Gacha life?

Moe is one of the best character in the gacha life that is located in Courtyard D. She is a dog girl.

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